Never Enough Time

The past few years, and the general trajectory of the world, has made a significant dent in how I manage time in my life. The years from 2008 to 2014 had me prioritizing a lot of personal time. Time spent pondering, reflecting, often times not doing much at all.

Life is markedly different now. There are a handful of personal relationships that I am willing (and able) to spend both time and effort on. Outside of those, nothing else exists. Going weeks without checking-in with myself has been the norm.

I feel that we have a storm coming and we need to relentlessly work towards as much of a safe land that we can move to. It would be stupid not to see that building up. I have done the maximum of what I can do to raise the red flag, warn anyone who is willing to listen.

What I am clear about is that my years of charging into the front line are long gone. This fight will eventually pull all of us into it, but I would want to stay clear of it for as long as a I possibly can.

Never mind.