What is ‘enough’?

If you ask most people, they’d have a reasonable idea about how much money is enough for them to stop worrying about making more. The interesting thing is that most people won’t stop at the ‘enough’ point. They know they have enough, but making more than enough is an addiction in our version of the world.

I must clarify that I am not saying you don’t need a lot of money; you do. The world we live in now is transactional to the core and quite expensive. Unlike a couple of decades ago, there is just no way possible anymore to live completely off the grid and with little money. This is not even a point worth bringing up.

I am taking about big money. How big is ‘big’?

Most of my peers, having worked a couple of decades, have already made more money than our parents (the middle class ones, I mean), would have earned their entire lives, even adjusted for inflation. But none of us are nowhere close to feeling we have enough and that it is okay to take our foot off the gas.

This is also a reflection of the world that sees increase in valuations that often does not keep in line with the actual amount of goods or services they provide. To justify the valuation, we need to assume that there is always going to be demand for goods and services at an individual level that is more than what is actually necessary for most of us.

Without this need for more than what is necessary the demand for goods and services will shrink. It is probably a better world for us to create, but it is nearly an improbable one for us to get to. We will live and die in this very addictive cycle.

Never mind.