Faith And Butterfly Wings

For a person who has no faith, the butterfly effect can potentially explain a lot of things in life in a rational manner. Distant, insignificant, events can produce competitively outsize outcomes in a different context….

Less About This Domain

This domain was registered in January 2009. That makes it almost 13-years-old. I did not even realize that and had to do a WHOIS to figure out the registration that. Has it actually been that…

What is ‘enough’?

If you ask most people, they’d have a reasonable idea about how much money is enough for them to stop worrying about making more. The interesting thing is that most people won’t stop at the…

Death Of A Social Presence

I have kept the ‘codelust’ handle online since early 2000. I needed a unique handle at that time, one that nobody without a thick skin would take up on any platform. And, over the years,…


It was not much different to turn that, to be very honest. The novelty of the big ‘4’ is long past, and life continues on its own merry way. But, the year has been hard. Like, really hard. On the other hand, it could have been far worse.

Framing It

Somewhere in the journey of life, if we pause and think about it a bit, the idea that problems are a part of life for everyone, becomes a real one.


It is fairly common for almost everyone to grow up believing they are special, or that they possess at least some special abilities. This was no different in my case either.


There are the embers of a fire that glows a bit fainter from the last glow. The clouds roll in on a whim outside. The night marches on.


People, as a rule, don’t like change. I am worse than most people when it comes to that. I like my little routines. I like my people being where they are comfortable. Once I get into a good rhythm, I really dislike something forcing it to change.