The Best Jack Dorsey Interview

As a Twitter user now of over a decade, the platform and how it is run is something that interests me tremendously and, as a consequence, what the CEO of the company @jack has to say about it matters a lot. Unfortunately, most interviews of Jack wind up being done from a perspective of the business (how do they intend to compete with Facebook) or the political aspects of it.
I’ve been a listener of Sam Harrispodcasts for a while now. They are long, ruminative and opinionated in a manner that makes you want to find out more as a means to making yourself better informed. Which also means that there is much to disagree with Sam; while agreeing with and learning a lot from other parts of what he says. And his podcast with Jack Dorsey (or, ‘interview’ as the old timers like me would call it), is a one of the best I have heard on Twitter. Strangely, Sam says at the beginning of the podcast that he thinks it could have been a lot better and I do disagree with him there.
The conversation shines a light on some of the mysterious aspects of Twitter, the most controversial of which is shadow-banning, which all sides of a divide in an argument believes to be biased against them. In the interview, Jack elaborates a bit on that specific action and clarifies that doing that to someone is the outcome of a series collection of actions made by the offending account rather than it being a case of a solitary action that resulted in the shadow-ban.
There is a also a fair bit of time spent on acknowledging how these platforms help create the dangerous filter bubbles and how they do not yet have the means to fix it.
I don’t really think that we can fix filter bubbles with existing technology. Particularly, because the tech often tries to mimic what we do otherwise; just that it does the filtering far more efficiently than we can accomplish on our own.
Listen to the entire episode for quite an interesting conversation.

Never mind.