A Year Outside

Twitter used to be my only active social media presence online. It was an old account, going back all the way to 2007 and it had a huge amount of content I had posted over…

Ethical Digital Businesses

In this age of aggressively scooping up all and any data, are they even possible in the first place? In the venture-backed model it is certainly not going to be possible for two reasons: 1)…

Rent-Seeking By Another Name Is?

I have been spending a bit of time looking into the crypto landscape and I feel that of the many things that crypto claims to enable, the point about it being something that reduces financial…

Get An Access Point

Most residential-grade routers will allow you to connect about 50 devices at the most by design. But, the reality is that most of these devices start to struggle once they have more than 10-12 devices connected to them at the same time.

The Best Jack Dorsey Interview

As a Twitter user now of over a decade, the platform and how it is run is something that interests me tremendously and, as a consequence, what the CEO of the company @jack has to say about it matters a lot. Unfortunately, most interviews of Jack wind up being done from a perspective of the business (how do they intend to compete with Facebook) or the political aspects of it.