Filesystem Problem With Sublime Text 3 And WSL2

There seems to be an issue with WSL2 and ST3 that can cause you a bit of a heartache. This seems to happen only when you are using the WSL2 filesystem in the Linux container than the filesystem on the host.

What happens is that if you create files or folders in your project folder they don’t show up in the Sublime Text 3 file tree. I have tested the same with VS Code and it works fine, so it has to be something specific to how Sublime Text 3 watches the project file tree for changes.

I am using a temporary fix by using a keymap that forces a directory refresh (which is the easier fix than restarting the application). I will update this thread if I can find out more.

The keymap I’m using is below:

{ "keys": ["ctrl+f5"], "command": "refresh_folder_list" }

Never mind.