Go Slow

It is fairly common for me to get easily overwhelmed by mundane things. Some of it is because I genuinely struggle with things that look trivial for most people, other times it is because I wind up taking too much on my plate. Eventually, the inability to do manage things compound into even more frustration and it goes downhill rather quickly from there.

The last couple of years, I have figured that what helps me then is to slow things down and explain to people around you that you’re struggling and need to take it down a notch, or couple, to get things under control again. When I slow it all down, I wind up with a bit more space to get at least one thing done. That one thing being completed gets my spirits up a bit more and I can often get one more thing done.

It is frustrating, for me and everyone involved with me, to have it work like that. But, it is easier for things to be that way than keep promising everyone and nothing gets done and eventually I panic and drop everything and go to pieces.

Never mind.