The Lies

If the COVID-19 pandemic is our point of reference for a global crisis that needed a global response, our odds of surviving a future extinction-level event is pretty terrible. 2-years on the lack of transparency, accountability, and leadership, that takes into account the interests of all human beings, has been the standout things about it.

There remain major gaps in our understanding of the virus and how it affects the body and how it turns fatal for some people, while there are others who have been infected twice and are doing quite fine. We are still learning how the vaccines work, that masks work only if you them in the right manner and that not everyone has the luxury of doing what you think is the right thing.

For a world that harps a lot of on mindfulness and similar themes, the lack of empathy towards your fellow human being has been astounding.

Why has it become so difficult to admit to still not knowing enough about things and that some of the earlier assumptions were wrong? We are stuck in a loop where never admitting to being wrong is the most important thing, even at the cost of everything else.

The death of our civilization is not likely to be an asteroid, but the narrow-mindedness of everyone.

Never mind.