Of Habits And Expectations

After being positively addicted to using Chromium for a while now, I decided to give something else a try the past week. I like switching browsers every now and then to see what I've missed out on and for some reason Chromium had become very slow on my machine, giving me another reason for the switch.

So I wound up giving Camnio a shot again and it felt a lot like going a decade back in terms of browsing experience. This is not a criticism of Camino – it is a lovely, fast, no frills browser. It is more a note on user behaviour and expectations.

When I first started using Chrome, I hated two things:

1. The manner in which newly opened tabs opened right next to current tab you are on.

2. The merging of the address bar and the search box into a single entity.

When I switched to Camino, these were the two things that I missed the most. Volte face at its best, I would say.

Never mind.