Introducing Market Vision

This is a post that should have been made a while ago, but, as the saying goes, “better late than never”.

Market Vision is the first proper full blown product that I am building as the first step towards realizing the vision behind Frontiernxt. The aim with Market Vision is to engineer fine product experiences in the financial domain and the website is the beginning of what is, hopefully, going to be a great journey. The market for what we are looking to do is big enough, but it also comes with the challenge of being extremely fragmented. This is not a segment that can yet support a big sized play and monetization is hard if you are going to play only for the consumer market.

Hopefully, by going on a more measured path we should be able to handle the challenges a lot better, but we have to learn and adapt constantly. This is already seen in the fact that we have had to change our business model twice along the way, even before we had launched. Some of the market segments we were hoping to exploit, on a closer examination, turned out to be areas with negligible growth prospects. I am glad we could do a course correction at this stage than later when it could have been much harder and costlier.

My partner in crime for the project is Deepak Shenoy, who has been in the financial domain for a while now and has a primary background in technology with the cherry on top of being a two-time entrepreneur. He is a well recognized voice in the financial community in India and he drives the core of the project. I got to know Deepak through Twitter and his blog and much to my good fortune he is someone who is a real pleasure to work with.

In the model that Frontiernxt looks to follow, I tend to keep an eye out for domain experts (in places other than technology) who can benefit from having with them an enabler in the internet domain. This can often be a dicey proposition if the fit is not right between the parties involved. There have been many half-starts, conversations etc before this and I can now see how important it is to find the right person/team to work with.

The website currently is very much a work in progress. It can even be called an alpha, but a start up that is at the stage we are it, labels are only of academic interest and there is a premium on sinking or swimming fast than to see how elegantly we can do it. We are focussing mostly on pushing out quality video and textual content at the moment; in the days to come we will sort out the various niggles in the user experience department.

Take a look around and let us know what you would like to see, what you don't like and even what you like about it.

Never mind.