To be honest, I had no idea that this website had not been updated in over a year.

It became quite clear that, as a website meant to serve my professional life, it had little role to play in enabling work for me. On the other hand, I was looking to find a place where I could make an attempt to write again more frequently.

For someone who cut his teeth in the content industry online a good two-decades-ago, I have a woefully inadequate understanding and familiarity of the new platforms such as Medium or Substack.

And I have always been one (at least from the time I could afford my own web hosting and domains) to host my content on my own platforms. I do have a personal website, but that has content that I consider as mostly private and it is being slowly taken off the public internet.

Having seen the last update here over a year-ago, the thought did cross my mind, why not give this site a fresh lick of paint and stop the pretence that it has done much to grow the business for me?

So, in what is a dark hour for long-form content, I am making a valiant attempt to get back to writing again. I had lost the knack of doing that for a long time and a rare positive of the pandemic is that I have been able to write a bit freely again.

I do intend to cover a lot of tech here again, but I’ll also cover a bunch of other things. Hopefully, you will get to read some interesting things here.

Never mind.