Guilt Tripping Start Ups: The Facebook-Friendfeed Union

Facebook's supposed hoard of cash must really be starting to get restless these days. In acquiring an overwhelming ability to do a real-time of Robert Scoble's life, otherwise known as Friendfeed, Facebook has made a major stride into defeating Twitter… um.. no.. well.. I don't know, defeating someone or something? Our extreme analytical perspective has gleaned it that maybe Facebook has figured it out that it is cheaper to get Friendfeed developers on-board than to copy them feature-for-feature in the longer run. Makes sense Zuck, it really does.

So, the story goes something like this. Once upon a time Facebook wanted to bed Twitter. The latter did not find the overture sweet enough, so they turned the former down. Having been declined ever-so-harshly, Facebook had to do something and decided to acquire Friendfeed, in the process probably surprising Friendfeed itself. As the classic 'who, me?' prom night moment played out, Scoble teared up, Techmeme shook for a wee bit, the folks at Twitter observed a two-minute silence to max-lulz at the news and rest of the world did not care or notice.

Never mind.