Delight Me

When was it that last time, as a customer or as a consumer, you have felt absolute delight at using a product? I can bet with reasonable certainty that the answer would be, in most cases, a 'no'.

For all the money that is spent on advertising, the so-called social media and other standard means of outreach, most businesses are found to be lacking using in the best form of advertisement that they could do for their product; which is to make the experience of procuring, owning and using their products a genuinely delightful experience.

There is nothing that works as best as peer-to-peer recommendations when it comes to advertising. Fortunately, it is something that you can't buy by spending a lot of money. You have to earn it.

Delight as a user experience is not something that happens in isolation. It starts deep inside a company, in functional areas that the end-user will normally never gets to interact with.

Slow-loading websites, unresolved billing requests, expired products on shelves and clients jostling for attention in a restaurant are problems that originate far behind the line of sight of the end user.

Delight is directly derived from a having a holistic approach to what your product represents. It requires you to have no experience-gaps in the touch points of the brand — from the marketing messaging to after-sales service.

So, before you approve that multi-million dollar marketing blitz next time, please spare a few thoughts and more than a couple of pennies within the organization to ensure that when your customers eventually use your product or service what they experience is nothing but sheer delight.

Never mind.