Agenda For 2011

The end of 2010 was quite a hectic affair for me. I was involved in a challenging build and a much-needed restructuring of the company at the same time. Eventually, the build ate up all of my time and I start 2011 having to work out a strong plan for what I want to do with Frontiernxt. Somewhere during the build I got off Twitter (I log in to read up once in a while, but rarely), disabled my Facebook account and shut down my many other distractions. I have done something similar a while ago, but nothing that has lasted this long a period of time.

When I reviewed the past two years, what I discovered was that most of my problems could be easily interpreted through three things:

1. Clarity: How clear are you about what you are doing. It may mean five different things a couple of years down the line, but what does it mean right now?

2. Execution: How well can you execute on the clear vision/idea that you have.

3. Closure: One you start building/planning something, finish/close it.

Looking back, I see way too my unclear ideas, things half-built and products that were not completed. There is only one underlying theme to 2011 – which is to change all of that.

Never mind.