A New Domain

Most of 2016 has been a blur, due to varying levels of chaos on both the personal and professional front. The strange coincidence has been that healthcare and various aspects related to it has featured prominently on both fronts.
Healthcare, on the work front, has been a discovery. It is a complex, slow-moving beast with so many different angles to it. The technology itself is fascinating. Some of it predates even early versions of what power the modern web. Encoding formats that are separated by pipes and information systems that are still, by default, operate in silos and contained within facilities.
The technology aspect alone is massive opportunity. It is not an easy opportunity because of numerous entrenched players and, healthcare, being a necessity, is ridiculously prone to opaque pricing and cost structures. But, even the smallest positive change that can be made in the domain will touch tens of thousands of lives for the better and that is an attraction like nothing else.
Every aspect of health — from wellness to allergies to chronic conditions — technology can play a major part in improving how we live and how we can fight diseases. The enabling of it all, though, is a different ballgame. Things take years to come together at a basic level and it is a highly-regulated industry.
Which go on to show the size of the opportunity again; that even with such high levels of regulation, the lopsided demand-supply equation ensures that the sector remains a big draw for anyone looking to make quick money by providing magical cures and quick fixes.
The road ahead is going to be a long and arduous one.

Never mind.