Frontiernxt is a consulting company in the digital domain. Run by Shyam Somanadh, Frontiernxt provides the following services in the digital domain:

  • End-to-end Creation Of Fine Digital Products

– We help organizations make the transformation of the concept they have in mind, often in the from a single line objective, to a detailed plan that includes workflows, process flows, strategic and scaling roadmaps.

– We help identify vendors, key hires and devise monetization plans that fit the needs and circumstances of the client.

  • Technical Consulting

–  We have significant experience in dealing with vendors of all kinds. Vendor selection is not determined by cost alone. Individual organizations often have needs that are very unique and learn to pick the right vendor after a costly trial and error method. From email service providers to hosting service providers, we can help you find the right vendor for all of your needs.

–  From big data frameworks to virtualization and cloud services, the choices that face the 21st century enterprise is an ocean of choices. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to choosing the right platform. Our job is to find the right platform that fits your budget, requirements and expertise.

–  Like platform choices, scaling requirements are also unique to each organization. Some organizations have a linear scaling curve, others have the proverbial hockey stick ones, while some have erratic needs to tend to. Scaling plans done right leaves the organization with the adequate level of active and redundant capacity in place, while not breaking the bank in the process.

  • Advisory

Feasibility Studies

Below are some of the questions that we routinely get to face:
1)  “Should we really do that project to achieve a certain objective?”
 2) How much will it cost us to build a digital business that will grow at a certain rate for 2 -years? 
 3) What is the quantum of risk involved in diversifying into digital for a traditonal business like us?

We are very good at finding answers to questions like that and have saved organizations a lot of money and time by either preventing from doing something that does not make sense for them or by helping them execute projects in a manner that meets their objectives in a cost effective manner.

Due Diligence
Investment and M&A decisions in online products are often subject large gaps in understanding of the key metrics in the domain. It needs experience, objectivity and healthy skepticism to evaluate such deals.  We have all three in plenty and have helped parties either pass on participate in deals.

Digital (Re)orientation
Digital has become such a big part of doing business now that even traditionally non-digital enterprises cannot any longer afford to ignore it. All such enterprises, and even moderately digitally-enabled ones, need to bring up their   technology-enablement to be at part with modern standards, in such a manner that it does not threaten business continuity.

Almost every enterprise has at least some degree of exposure to software and content licences. Unlike an earlier era, these licences are now being actively and aggressively enforced by license and copyright owners. We have significant expertise in advising clients on licences and copyright in both software and content.

You can always use the One-Hour-Free-Consultation offer to get in touch with us by using the contact page or write to shyam/contact at the domain name.