The services offered cover a broad spectrum, while being rooted firmly in technology and related domains. These ensure that technology works as an enabler to your business.

Advisory: Business & Strategy
Transform single line strategic objectives to a detailed plan.

Advisory: Financial Planning & Feasibility
Find ways to ensure that your business objectives can be met in the budget you have allocated to it.

Advisory: Technical infrastructure
Design and implement a technical platform that is cost-effective and efficient.

Vendor & Platform selection
Identify and vet vendors for you. Negotiate the best deal and design the framework of interaction with the vendor for you.

Technology Audit
Identify key weak points in your technology setup and suggest ways to improve it.

Software Development
End-to-end Platforms: Complete web platforms (custom ground-up builds, customization of other platforms) and complex API-only platforms.
Mobile Applications: Native & cross-platform apps. Secure and scalable API design and implementation to support the apps.

Technology Modernization
Modernizing Legacy Platforms: Securing and scaling critical legacy software.
Migrating Legacy Platforms: Move in a seamless manner old platforms to new ones.

Operational Domains

Media & PR
Launched multiple new media products & brands.
CRM implementation for outreach and business development.

Designed, built and deployed a complete patient engagement platform.
Integrated multiple services (tele-radiology, tele-consulting).

Launched e-commerce platforms using self-hosted and managed platforms.

Voice, AI, ML
Used predictive analytics to optimize logistics performance.
Prototyped and developed voice skills and applications.
Conversation design with backend integration to existing platforms.