Rewiring, retooling

As the year quickly winds itself up, the work to switch over Frontiernxt to a different, mostly non-technical solutions provider grinds on. It is one thing to have clarity at a high level that the focus is now on strategy than technology, it is an entirely different kettle fish to actually go about doing it. From tooling to methodology, everything has to be rethought and rewired and digital is such unknown territory that there are often no rules and you make them up as you go along.
When I normally research technical offerings and options, the context is not that important. In such a scenario, browser bookmarks are more than sufficient to capture almost everything that I need. But, in the case of strategy bookmarks provide nearly zero context. Broad classifications don’t do anything other than a cataloguing mechanism to capture information. In strategy, classification is only the beginning of the journey and to complete the rest of it, I’m having to find other options and approaches.

Never mind.