Pandemic Notes: November, 2020

It is already November and the world is stumbling through its response to the pandemic. I cannot imagine how it is that we have a global pandemic that has brought the world to its knees and there is no a coordinated response to it.


People, as a rule, don’t like change. I am worse than most people when it comes to that. I like my little routines. I like my people being where they are comfortable. Once I get into a good rhythm, I really dislike something forcing it to change.

Go Slow

It is fairly common for me to get easily overwhelmed by mundane things. Some of it is because I genuinely struggle with things that look trivial for most people, other times it is because I wind up taking too much on my plate.


We are living in times where changes are afoot that will destroy a lot of things we cherish. I am at a stage in life where I cannot be on the frontlines. But, speaking up, while I still can, is the least I can do.


That is how long I have been working for now. And, even now, I can can remember my astonishment that someone would pay me for the work I do, when got paid at my first job. That feeling has still not gone away. In some ways it is good, as it keeps me grounded. In some ways it is bad, as it does limit the canvas I place myself in.

India And Its History

The pre-2014 version of Indian history, particularly the independence era, does not have in it much of an acknowledgement of the mistakes that happened at time. All the tragedies from that time, particularly the violence that followed the partition, finds little accountability in the history books and official version as someone’s responsibility. It is something that organically happened that nobody has any ownership for.

COVID-19 Notes: Aug 25, 2020

As predicted, India has had enough of trying to contain COVID-19 and states are now starting to push ahead with reopening, as if the pandemic has disappeared. This is particularly true in states like Karnataka. The disconnect is pretty bizarre to see. In Karnataka, the numbers have been trending up for a while, but the authorities are focusing mostly on how to get things going again.

COVID-19 Notes: August 10

A crisis like COVID-19 is not something that cannot be managed in a country. It can be, provided there is the will and direction from the government to rally its people.

National Clinical Registry for COVID-19 in India

A well-implemented registry can preserve patient anonymity and also present a picture of the country’s health without lag that runs into months, weeks or years. It can be done, but that does not mean it will be done, if recent experience is anything to go by.